Why hire an Arborist?

Tree work has a reputation as being expensive, especially when your mate down the road has a chainsaw.

Here are the reasons why you hire a professional:-

  • Knowledge – Arborists undertake a minimum of 2 years training (often much more) in order to learn soil science, tree biology, tree ID, pests and diseases that affect trees, species characteristics and assessments for health and risk.Trees cannot be ‘fixed’. Poor quality or incorrect pruning  (such as tree topping) can result in new growth being susceptible to breaking and causing damage to buildings. Poor pruning cuts will increase the likelihood of decay and shorten the life of the tree. Whilst these problems can be improved by a qualified Arborist, they cannot be fixed.
  • Skill – Arborists require practical skills and need to know safe chainsaw use and maintenance, rope skills, knot tying, safe anchor points, aerial rescues, rigging and lowering, vector angles, first aid, and correct pruning points.
  • Equipment – Tree gear is specialised for the industry and requires huge investment in order to do our job safely. Chainsaw specific clothing, boots, chippers etc.

  • Insurance – Working with trees in tricky locations can result in damage to buildings, power-lines or danger and injury to the public. Whilst every effort is made to prevent this, professional companies are insured to cover the worst case scenarios.


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