7 Replies to “Contact Us”

  1. Hi, we’re moving to 137 Vanguard Street and we need a tree to be trimmed. Could we make a time for you to look at it? I’m flexible with times, thanks.


  2. Hi we have a property at 93 Templemore street. This property is right on the corner of Hill street and has some trees that have gotten a bit out of control. Can you please have a look and supply me with a cost to trim.


    John Kaye


  3. Hello are you still operating asa business?
    We’ve got a very big gleditsia sunburst which is invading our small section with roots preventing us from growing anything successfully. Any ideas?


    1. Hi Paula, Yes we are although obviously in lockdown at the moment. Some of the roots could likely be pruned away from the areas you are trying to grow in. An alternative could be to use raised beds.


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